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Bug#569193: tasksel hangs during mail server installation

I have not used an image for installation. I did a debootstrap on a dedicated partition, installed a kernel and then rebooted.

Now I created a chroot environment in Lenny and reproduced the issue.
Instead, if I try:
# aptitude install uw-ipmapd

I get:

Setting up uw-imapd (8:2007 and ~ dfsg-3.1) ...
WARNING: Port "imap3" unselected in debconf but possibly handled locally.
Creating generic self-signed certificate: /etc/ssl/certs/imapd.pem
(replace with hand-crafted or authorized one if needed)

and the process stops indefinitely.

I get the same result with an installation on VirtualBox.
However I think the problem is not in the package tasksel, but in uw-imapd. So I was wrong to report here.
Let me give you my apologies.


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