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Bug#569193: tasksel hangs during mail server installation

reassign 569193 installation-reports
tag 569193 unreproducible

On Wednesday 10 February 2010, Dario Corsi wrote:
> When I install the proposed "Mail Server"  tasksel hangs on 96%
> (configuring uw-imapd).

I cannot reproduce this.

Exactly what installation image were you using and when did you download 

Could you try again using current installer image. The cause of your 
problem may have been fixed in version 2007e~dfsg-3.1 of the uw-imap 

If you can still reproduce the issue, then please switch to VT4 (using 
ctrl-alt-F4) when the installation gets stuck and check the messages 
displayed there. They should tell why the installation is hanging.
Please copy all relevant messages and send them to us.


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