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Bug#569784: debootstrap: cannot build a clean Lenny chroot anymore

On Monday 15 February 2010, Martin-Éric Racine wrote:
> Setting -x did not produce any useful result; stdout shows the usual:

That's because the debug output gets redirected to the log...

> ...meanwhile, tailing the log shows a neverending series of these:

> + echo ''
> + :

Right. That's the debug output. So the segfault and its cause should be 
visible in there as well...

> ...which I presume to be debconf's way of "pressing Enter" into dpkg?
> Not very useful tracing info, anyhow.

Not if you only look at the bottom of the file. Try looking at the point 
where the failure originates.

> I suppose this leaves tracking this with strace as a last resort.
> However, I cannot remember if strace is actually capable of tracking
> shell scripts?

Sure it is. Just make sure you use '-f' so that subprocesses also get 

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