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Bug#569107: installation-reports: Problems with md raid metadata but otherwise ok

reassign 569107 partman-md 49

On Wednesday 10 February 2010, Tom Wright wrote:
> Comments/Problems:
> It all went smoothly, except that grub2 could not cope with the MD-RAID1
> array, as it can't cope with metadata verions other than 0.9.  A bit of
> web-searching led me to bug #554500 so I tried compiling grub2 with that
> patch on another machine and installing the resulting packages.  No luck
> though, so I rebuilt the array, forcing it to use metadata version 0.9
> and it all worked.

We're discussing this with the mdadm maintainer and it's likely Debian will 
switch back to using 0.90 as default, at least for Squeeze. Possibly we'll 
offer the selection of the other metadata versions as an option in the 
installer during RAID setup.


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