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Bug#569740: debian-installer: keyboard doesn't work

Package: debian-installer
Version: 20100213

My keyboard is absolutely dead inside the installer.  It works fine at
the boot menu, and after installation.

It is a USB keyboard (MS Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 v.1.0) and
has never given me any problems in Linux until now.  I have tried both
i386 and AMD64 with identical results.  The motherboard is an Asus
M2V, using an Athlon 64 and a VIA chipset.

Using an older install-disk, 20090912, I can run the graphical
installer.  The keyboard still doesn't work, but I can use my USB
mouse.  That way, I got the attached logfiles.

In very old versions of the installer, like Lenny 5.02 and Ubunty
Jaunty, the keyboard works fine.

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