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Bug#569602: Installer handles secondary disks like RAID not correctly

package: install-reports
Severity: important

testet with lenny(5..0.4) build 20100131-1916 and squeeze d-i 20100110-22:52
For me is the Severity serious, because I can't install Debian
The Architecture is i386 (CDROM/DVD)

After creating a RAID-Device there is no Posibility to handle this as Disk.
 - Creating a partition table
 - formating and mounting subpartitions like /dev/mdXpY

If the RAID-Device raw (as one partition) it is possible to continiue with formating.
In this Case follow this Message:

  "Warning: The kernel was unaable to re-read the partition table on /dev/mdX
(invalid argument). This means Linux won't know anything about the modifications
you made until you reboot. You should reboot your computer before doing
anything with /dev/mdX"

Because there is no partition table reboot can't solve the problem.

On this error message <Go Back> and <Continiue> makes the same (continiue).

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