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Bug#568975: ([squeeze/lenny][i386][2010-02-04] grub-installer fails, system unbootable)

reassign 568975 partman-md 49

On Thursday 11 February 2010, Vincent.McIntyre@csiro.au wrote:
> Should this be reassigned to partman-auto-raid?

I would say partman-md (as it will also affect manually created arrays).
As p-a-raid depends on partman-md that will work fine.
 We'll possibly need to do something to activate it in the lenny-support 
udeb but the basic support is needed in partman-md first.

Your patch won't work (as you probably suspected), although the basic idea 
is correct. It should be in partman-md and I would use a Type: boolean and 
name the template "superblock-compat" or something with Default: false.
I'll see if I can put something together.


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