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Bug#569209: installation-reports -- Successful install of Squeeze in a virtual machine under z/VM 5.4.0, s390 port

Package: installation-reports

Just completed a successful install of Squeeze using the "daily build"
development version of the Debian installer, s390 port.
Real hardware is an IBM z890 (2086).  Processor is configured in
LPAR mode.  The LPAR uses a dedicated IFL (Integrated Facility for
Linux) processor.  The LPAR is running z/VM 5.4.0.  The installation
was run in a virtual machine under z/VM.  The network device was a
(virtual) OSA in QDIO mode, layer 3 mode.  There was no support for
CMS minidisks, but then again I was not expecting any.

My only comment at this point is that the installer is currently
packaged to use a 2.6.30 kernel.  You might want to think about
upgrading to the 2.6.32 kernel at some point, since that is the
current version used by Squeeze.

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