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Bug#569199: Countries no longer sorted by name but by country code

On Wednesday 10 February 2010, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> In the past, the list of countries (for choosing a mirror) was in
> alphabetical order, which made it easy to find things.  Now, the list
> is sorted by country code, which makes it difficult to find countries
> like Spain, United Kingdom and Crotia.

Oops. That's probably a consequence of my fix for displaying country names 
instead of country codes in the first place in some cases.

That change added a Choices-C field and removed the Choices-en.UTF-8 field. 
I would expect that only English is affected (as the others all get sorted 
in debconf). I suspect I'll have to make sure the (English) Choices list 
is sorted by default at build time, just as we do in localechooser.

Fix is not totally trivial as it means switching (part of?) the mktemplates 
script from (mostly) shell to perl.

I must have missed it because the country list is still mostly sorted as 
most country codes start with the same letter as the country name.

IMHO not worth holding up the release for.

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