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Re: Thai support in framebuffer d-i

On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 4:48 PM, Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> wrote:
> On Wednesday 10 February 2010, Theppitak Karoonboonyanan wrote:
>> I happened to run /bin/sh in the partition to recover,
>> in which th_TH locale is set by default, and Thai
>> messages are just displayed perfectly, even in
>> full-screen dialogs, thanks to the font and terminal
>> support.
>> So, Thai can be enabled in text-mode d-i.
> The one does not automatically follow from the other. I doubt it's that
> simple and there's very likely to be a cost to doing it.
> It would probably require us to add additional fonts (or switch to a larger
> different font) that would mean an increase in size for all images.
> We have at least one platform that would break with even a small increase
> in size.

I realize that limitation. And I proposed it because I've tried it
on the very terminal provided by Squeeze d-i daily built image,
in rescue mode. It already works out of the box with the shipped
font. Nothing more to add.

>> Another thing I found counter-intuitive is the locale
>> and timezone choosing based on the installer language.
>> What if g-i cannot run on my hardware (which is likely
>> to be the case if it's switched to X11, due to the broken
>> i830M support [1],
> That's not correct as IIUC the X.Org based G-I will continue to use
> framebuffer and not graphics card specific drivers.

OK. I see.

>> for example) but I need to install
>> Debian on it with my locale and timezone selected?
>> It's impossible with the current UI design.
> That's not correct either, *especially* not with the new UI design for
> localechooser for Squeeze.
> The timezone is based on the *location* you select, and not on the
> *language* you select. And you can select all locations with any language.

Probably, that new design is not released yet. So, I didn't see it
in my recent use. (Well, feeling familiar with the strings I translated
lately, though.)

> And in expert mode you can even select *any random locale*, including
> legacy locales as your default locale for the installed system regardless
> of the language you select.

Oh, yes. There always is the expert mode.. :-)

> The only thing that will not be set correctly is the LANGUAGE setting as
> that is 100% determined by the installer language.

That should be fine for most users.

Thanks for the explanation.

Theppitak Karoonboonyanan

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