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Re: Thai support in framebuffer d-i

On Wednesday 10 February 2010, Theppitak Karoonboonyanan wrote:
> I happened to run /bin/sh in the partition to recover,
> in which th_TH locale is set by default, and Thai
> messages are just displayed perfectly, even in
> full-screen dialogs, thanks to the font and terminal
> support.
> So, Thai can be enabled in text-mode d-i.

The one does not automatically follow from the other. I doubt it's that 
simple and there's very likely to be a cost to doing it.
It would probably require us to add additional fonts (or switch to a larger 
different font) that would mean an increase in size for all images.
We have at least one platform that would break with even a small increase 
in size.

> Another thing I found counter-intuitive is the locale
> and timezone choosing based on the installer language.
> What if g-i cannot run on my hardware (which is likely
> to be the case if it's switched to X11, due to the broken
> i830M support [1],

That's not correct as IIUC the X.Org based G-I will continue to use 
framebuffer and not graphics card specific drivers.

> for example) but I need to install 
> Debian on it with my locale and timezone selected?
> It's impossible with the current UI design.

That's not correct either, *especially* not with the new UI design for 
localechooser for Squeeze.

The timezone is based on the *location* you select, and not on the 
*language* you select. And you can select all locations with any language.

And in expert mode you can even select *any random locale*, including 
legacy locales as your default locale for the installed system regardless 
of the language you select.

The only thing that will not be set correctly is the LANGUAGE setting as 
that is 100% determined by the installer language.


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