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Bug#568292: auto-install: pulls netcfg into images that should not have it

* Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> [2010-02-04 13:13]:
> So how about including a 'common' file in network-console/armel/ with:
> auto-install -
> localechooser -
> ai-locale-chooser -
> kbd-chooser -
> ai-kbd-chooser -

Yeah, that sounds good to me.  I can make that change after alpha1,
unless it's urgent in which case I can do it now.

> You could then even consider adding some simple keyboard detection (by 
> parsing /proc/bus/input maybe?) and doing an 'anna-install kbd-chooser'. 
> That would be needed as, unlike localechooser, kbd-chooser does not get 
> pulled in through a convenient dependency.

ARM machines with keyboards probably wouldn't use the network-console
image but a normal netboot image and we can leave kbd-chooser in
there.  So unless I'm not mistaken we don't need keyboard detection.

Martin Michlmayr

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