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Bug#568292: auto-install: pulls netcfg into images that should not have it

On Thursday 04 February 2010, Philip Hands wrote:
> > > Gah! It's even worse. ai-chooser just blindly assumes that all
> > > images include both localechooser and kbd-chooser while that is not
> > > guaranteed.
> Yup, that's certainly true -- sorry, didn't realise it was ever not the
> case.

At the very least we have some arm installs that do include localechooser, 
but not kbd-chooser simply because they won't have a keyboard connected.
Using auto-install in such installs should not cause the installer to 
suddenly start pulling in kbd-chooser as well.

But in fact auto-install is not really of any value for the
"network-console" type targets anyway as these already implement a form of 
auto-install themselves through oldsys-preseed. For those installs 
localechooser is already guaranteed to run "delayed" because it's not 
included in the image itself, but installed during anna.
So I think I'll add a patch to the series that removes the auto-install 
udeb for those images.

Only pkg-lists/netboot/network-console/armel/orion5x.cfg currently excludes 
kbd-chooser, but I very much doubt any of the others use it either (simply 
because kbd-chooser does not detect a keyboard). With the current images 
with kbd-chooser included I would expect the install to hang at the 
keyboard selection dialog if a user does happen to have a keyboard 

So how about including a 'common' file in network-console/armel/ with:
auto-install -
localechooser -
ai-locale-chooser -
kbd-chooser -
ai-kbd-chooser -

You could then even consider adding some simple keyboard detection (by 
parsing /proc/bus/input maybe?) and doing an 'anna-install kbd-chooser'. 
That would be needed as, unlike localechooser, kbd-chooser does not get 
pulled in through a convenient dependency.

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