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Bug#567590: Reproducable

On Saturday 30 January 2010, Frans Pop wrote:
>   │         Bootable flag:    off                                    │
>   │         off                                                      │
> Note the extra line with 'off' below the 'Bootable flag' line. That
> could be caused by bootable flag, but possibly also a different flag.

OK, that was possibly an unrelated issue. The second line was for the 'BIOS 
boot area flag' for which the description is not correctly displayed.
I've committed a fix for that.

> Toggling Bootable flag does not work (it remains 'off'), but toggling
> the line below changes it from 'off' to 'on'.

Toggling the bootable flag still does not have any effect. It should be 
supported: VALID_FLAGS in the partman log has: boot, hidden, raid, lvm, 
hp-service, msftres, bios_grub.
I can see the flag is getting set correctly, but when libparted reads the 
current flags again, it's not there.

Zacharay: is the problem really with the "bootable flag", or rather with 
that 'BIOS boot area' (bios_grub) flag?

It looks as if setting bios_grub may remove the raid flag. Could it be that 
a 'BIOS boot area' partition simply cannot be a RAID partition? That seems 
quite logical...

To test with that display issue corrected, you need to make the following 
change in /lib/partman/active-partition/67toggle_biosgrub/choices before 
you run partman:

-description=$(stralign -25 "$RET")

 if [ $biosgrub = yes ]; then
        db_metaget partman-partitioning/text/on description
-       printf "nobiosgrub\t%s%s\n" "$description" "${RET}"
+       printf "nobiosgrub\t%s\${!TAB}%s\n" "$description" "${RET}"
        db_metaget partman-partitioning/text/off description
-       printf "biosgrub\t%s%s\n" "$description" "${RET}"
+       printf "biosgrub\t%s\${!TAB}%s\n" "$description" "${RET}"

I'll test a bit more myself too.


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