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Bug#567590: Reproducable

I managed to reproduce the problem on my laptop with a KVM instance and two 8G QEMU drive images. I used the i386 Debian 5.03 net installer CD and started an expert install. I put a GPT on each of the two drives and created a single partition on each. I instructed the installer to use each as a physical device for software RAID.

Here's the interesting bit. I sped through the menus and discovered that the RAID system was quite happy to create a RAID1 for me. I went back, deleted the RAID, and started over. The second time, I was able to reproduce the bug. The only difference between these two runs was that I remembered to flag both drives as bootable the second time. It seems that a bootable GPT partition is the problem; the RAID menu system doesn't seem to see it. (Again, mdadm works just fine.)



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