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Re: chose unrelated swap and no way to lock console

On Sunday 10 January 2010, Holger Levsen wrote:
> I'm installing lenny atm on a harddrive connected via usb to an laptop.
> I choose "guided partitioning with encrypted lvm" and this failed as the
> laptop has a harddrive with insecure swap. So I had to take out the
> harddrive to do the installation on the external harddrive.

Please file a proper BR against partman-auto-crypto.

> Secondly I wonder if you would consider it a sensible wishlist feature
> to have a vlock.udeb, so one can lock the console, which is useful for
> locking the machine when the data on a big harddrive is erased for
> encrypted lvm, which can take several hours.

Main issue is that we don't have a password for the root (?) account in the 
installer environment. And IMO users should not be asked to provide one 
*unless* they actually want to lock the console.

The only acceptable implementation IMO would be to have it as an _optional_ 
component (i.e. only loaded if explicitly requested by the user during 
anna [1]), with a postinst that then takes care of setting the password. 
The existing network-console udeb could provide inspiration.

Also, the udeb would have to be very minimal: no deps on pam, adduser.

Feel free to file a wishlist BR. But unless you're willing to implement it 
yourself I doubt that will achieve much.

> Again: is this is a known+reported (and still existing in squeeze) bug?

It's not a "bug" by definition. At most a missing feature.

[1] Which means installing at mediumlow priority, or booting with

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