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Bug#562557: console-setup: Wrong keyboard in single mode/normal boot failure

On 27/12/2009 13:20, Anton Zinoviev wrote:

Indeed copying ckbcomp  to /bin instead of /usr/bin fixes the problem.

Yes, I can confirm this.  Setupcon tests the existence of ckbcomp even
when it doesn't require ckbcomp.  Thanks for the debugging.

When this bug is fixed (maybe in the next upload) don't forget to remove

Will try to remember it when I receive the notification for the bug being closed. Now, I that I cured the side effect, I have to cure the real problem, that is, why checkfs script always returns an error even if the FS are good and I have to press <ctrl D> to finish booting. But I guess its because I use the experimental RC for dosfsck and it fails over a FS flagged purposely flagged with noauto as its for USB stick.

But that's another story. Thanks for your support and happy holidays/new year.

-- eric

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