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Bug#562557: console-setup: Wrong keyboard in single mode/normal boot failure

On Sat, Dec 26, 2009 at 06:39:13PM +0100, Eric Valette wrote:
> I tested manually after entering the maintenance mode S06keyboard-setup
> and yes it does print something and does a "setupcon -k" but the
> keyboard is still wrong after the script has executed.

By wrong do you mean it is a QWERTY keyboard?  Or it is a French one but 
wrong in some other way?

What happens if you execute

loadkeys /etc/console-setup/cached.kmap.gz

(it doesn't matter whether you do this in maintenance mode or after 
regular start of the machine)

Is the contents of /etc/default/keyboard correct?  It has to contain 
lines like the following:


What happens with the keyboard if you use the command 'setupcon' when 
the machine is in regular mode (not in maintenance mode)?

I am puzzled by the fact you say the keyboard doesn't work in 
maintenance mode but it works in normal mode.  This is because in both 
cases the keyboard is configured by the command

loadkeys /etc/console-setup/cached.kmap.gz

and there is nothing there to depend on /usr being mounted.  Can you 
edit /etc/default/console-setup and put there the line


and see if there are some error messages?

Anton Zinoviev

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