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Bug#374334: "failed to determine the codename for this release"

On Wednesday 23 December 2009, Sergei Sadovski wrote:
> In my case (net iso of 22 dec 2009) this was a file marker, i.e.
> $ /cdrom/.disk/base_installable
> rename/remove it (since we want to get files from outside), e.g.
> $ mv /cdrom/.disk/base_installable /cdrom/.disk/base_installable.false
> in that case mirror settings will be used to retrieve components (debs)
> instead of cdrom itself.

No. You are breaking the installer here. If you want to use "files from 
outside" you should *not* be using a netinst or full CD/DVD image.

Did you actually get the error "failed to determine the codename for this 
release"? Did you perhaps use expert mode and select "choose-mirror" as an 
optional component when you got the error?

If yes, exactly what image did you use (full URL of the one you downloaded 


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