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Re: About fixing strings and unfuzzying translations

Quoting Frans Pop (elendil@planet.nl):
> Christian,
> If you want to fix a typo and unfuzzy translations, you shouldn't forget to 
> update the template file in the actual package before updating master PO 
> files...
> Your change in r61489 has now caused a lilo string to become fuzzy for all 
> translations while failing to remove the double space from the template 
> (which I suspect was the intention).
> The other possibility is that you intended to fix up some other string and 
> accidentally changed the lilo string too because of not limiting your sed 
> statement enough and failing to check the resulting diff before 
> committing.
> Anyway, please fix (making sure that languages that had the string fuzzy 
> before the change remain fuzzy).

This is fixed.

Indeed, I partly fixed the problem after it accidentally happened, but
I only fixed the language that were previously complete for that
sublevel and, after my mistake, got exactly one fuzzy.

Today, I also fixed others.

Then, I changed the relevant template in lilo-installer.

While doing this, I noticed three other occurrences of doubles spaces,
which I also fixed (then, of course, I unfuzzied translation files in
sublevel 3).

Hopefully, this time, I didn't screw up.

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