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Re: Problems with Debian PowerPC

On Thursday 17 December 2009, Rick Thomas wrote:
> The installation fails at the stage where you are presented with a  
> bunch of linux-image packages and asked which one to install.
> All of the options presented depend on linux-image-2.6.31-1, which  
> does not exist in any repo I've looked at.

That can be explained by the way the kernel packages have been updated in 
unstable and some build failures for of the kernel for powerpc.

There's no bug in the installer and nothing we can do about it.

> I believe there is a FTBFS problem with the 2.6.31 kernel version on  
> PowerPC, which has existed for several weeks.

2.6.31 is no longer relevant because .32 has already been uploaded to 

> Is there anybody working on that?

See above, but if anybody was, it would be the kernel team and we would not 
necessarily know about it. The state of the kernel in unstable is not 
relevant for us (except for updating the kernel udebs).

> If it's not fixed, it may prevent  
> installation of Squeeze in the future as things migrate downwards in  
> due course.

No. The kernel will ONLY be allowed to migrate when it has been built 
correctly for all arches and dependencies from the meta packages are 
correct. And the same goes for other packages (with a few exceptions).

And that is exactly why testing normally *can* be relied on to be 
installable and unstable cannot.

> But since it prevents Sid installs from working, I just thought  
> you'd like to know.

As I mentioned in my previous mail: unstable can be broken for any weird 
random reasons and in any weird random ways. Expecting unstable to be 
installable is just a losing proposition.

We do not want to know about sid being uninstallable, because it is 
guaranteed to happen. Not always, but regularly and for wildly varying 
reasons that are absolutely not interesting to us.

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