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Bug#558686: what version of libparted are you using?


I've just begun reading about this problem, and have a quick question:
What version of libparted are you using?

I ask because there have been significant changes in the area
of detecting when partitions are active.

In particular: v1.9.0-137-g048602c


    ped_partition_busy: do not call the libparted exception handler

    Modify libparted/arch/linux.c _partition_get_part_dev() to not call
    _device_stat() but instead use stat directly, as _device_stat() calls
    the libparted exception handler, and we don't want this here, the only
    caller of _partition_get_part_dev() is _partition_is_mounted(), which
    in turn only gets called by linux_partition_is_busy(), and we don't
    want to "throw" exceptions from ped_partition_busy().

    This issue was noticed in combination with pyparted as used by
    anaconda, see: http://bugzilla.redhat.com/527035#c10

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