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Bug#548837: closed by Anton Zinoviev <zinoviev@debian.org> (Bug#548837: fixed in console-setup 1.47)

reopen 548837 1.49
retitle 548837 FAQ about boot splash programs, svgatextmode and UTF8+Backspace
severity 548837 minor
thank you

On Sat, Nov 28, 2009 at 11:43:52PM +0000, Luís Picciochi Oliveira wrote:
> I found that the problem must be coming from usplash. The console font seems
> to be well set during boot, but near the end of the boot process the font
> appears to be reset. After removing usplash this does not happen anymore and
> the keyboard is well configured.

Thank you for this information.  I am reopening the bug because such 
information needs to be documented in the FAQ.

> In any case (with or without usplash): I noticed that at a tty's login
> prompt (and only there), once I type an accented character (á, é, ...), a
> 'ç', an 'º' or an 'ª' (among others), I can't use the backspace key anymore.

This is a kernel problem.

> This is probably not related to console-setup, but in that case I 
> really don't know to which package I should report it. Even if this is 
> related with console-setup, it's very likely that this should be 
> reported as a new bug (?).

If you want you can report this against the kernel but it seems nobody 
is going to fix this (it is a know problem for many years) so don't 
bother. :)  (BTW, another thing that needs to be documented in the FAQ).

Anton Zinoviev

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