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[SRM] D-I: major update of choose-mirror for stable


I've just uploaded version 2.28lenny4 of choose-mirror for stable.
The new version includes major code changes which have been backported from 
the version recently uploaded to unstable.

The changes are needed because previous versions of choose-mirror do not 
support oldstable or archive.d.o, especially when installing in expert 
mode, because the release selection dialog that is displayed only allows 
selection of stable, testing and unstable [1]; it does not allow selection 
of oldstable or selection based on codename.

Another issue with previous versions of choose-mirror is that if the 
desired release is not available on the selected mirror, choose-mirror 
will silently select the "next best" release that is available, which can 
lead to unexpected results.

The new version is a *lot* more flexible in that regard and will display 
both suite and codename in the selection dialog.

The backport is fairly large as some functions needed to be rewritten. 
Changes in dialogs have been avoided in the backport in order not to 
invalidate existing translations; exception is the addition of one string 
for the suite "oldstable".

I have excluded a few of the cleanups that were included in the new 
unstable version, but not all. Reason is that I judged it safer to 
minimize the diff between the Lenny and Squeeze versions than to add 
(artificial) changes to the backport to reduce the size of the diff 
against the current version in stable.

The changes have been tested and reviewed extensively.

Please accept the new version for the next stable point release. Added 
benefit is that the mirror list is updated to the current status.

Note that an upload of debian-installer for stable will be required to get 
the changes included for all installation methods!

Unless there are objections I will also backport the changes for Etch as 
that version has the same issues and I think it's worth having the better 
support for installs from archive.d.o after Etch is moved there.


[1] The patch included in the previous stable update only partially fixed 
this problem and has been reverted in the new version.

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