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Not sure about recent change in tzsetup

From recent commit to tzsetup:

+ * Merge from Ubuntu:
+   - Make it possible to select from a worldwide list of timezones if the
+     default list is insufficient, including UTC (closes: #442856). This is
+     a bit more general than the previous approach suggested by Frans Pop;
+     my reasoning is that the country element of the locale is not
+     necessarily always tightly bound to the user's location, since the
+     full locale also determines such things as dialect, default keyboard
+     layout, preferred currency, preferred date/time display, default paper
+     size, etc.

The reasoning above is flawed. Although the "country element of the
locale" is indeed not tightly bound with the user's location, that is
irrelevant for timezone selection as we base that on the *country* that
was selected in localechooser and NOT the country part of the locale.

I've recently committed changes to localechooser that emphasize the
importance of selecting the correct country.

The downside of the merged change is that it means the tzsetup selection
is now displayed at high priority for *all* users, while in the past it
would only be displayed for countries that have multiple timezones.

While I agree that the option of selecting UTC is worthwhile, I'm not sure
it's worth the raised priority. My suggestion would be to allow UTC to be
preseeded instead, and/or selectable at medium priority.

I'm particularly unhappy with the added tzsetup/select_all template, which
adds significantly to the size of the udeb.

IMO is the cost of adding the worldwide list way too high for the very few
cases where it helps users. Because basically, if they're getting the wrong
timezone they selected the wrong country in localechooser.


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