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Bug#553678: locales: Language soup in Nowegian locale

Quoting Frans Pop (elendil@planet.nl):

> The real problem is incomplete translations.

As you probably noticed later on, Frode was talking about a soup in
the installed system (the bug was originally sent against locales.

And, of course, in such case, there will never be a 100% translated
system in Norwegian.

An idea could be detecting, for a given language, that alternatives
other than English are proposed by default and prompt users.

Something like:

Keep alternative languages (da, sv)?

For this language, one or more alternative languages are defined by
default (Danish and Swedish) and programs on the installed system will
use these languages if not translation exists for your language.

Please choose whether you want to keep this setting or revert to only
use English when no translation is available.

One should note this might trigger difficult challenges such as
extracting the name of the alternative languages from the LANG variable
(or not do this but only show ISO codes, which might be less clear).

And, of course, that would add extra complexity to localechooser..:-)

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