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FYI: build overview graphs reset

I have just committed two changes to the daily-build-aggregator script [1]:
1) drop alpha and remove commented entry for m68k;
2) one-time rename old statistics file in order to reset them.

Dropping alpha could possibly have been postponed for some time, but it 
made sense to do it now because of 2).

2) was very much needed because the generated graphs were rather useless as 
for most arches an incorrect history was being shown. The reason for this 
is that the build data is saved in a way that does not allow architectures 
to be added anywhere other than at the bottom, nor allows arches to be 
removed. And we have done both (removal of arm, addition of armel, 
addition of 2x kfreebsd) in the past.

I already sent a mail about this a few months back [2] but without any 
response. With the changes since I sent that mail keeping it no longer 
made sense to keep any history, so therefore this action.

I will revert the 2nd change when the rename of the statistics file has 
happened as the code is no longer needed after that.


[1] perl script that generates
[2] http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2009/07/msg00577.html

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