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grub2 error: grub loader is loaded not found

I have Lenny installed on an HP dv6871 laptop.  I installed Lenny in
expert mode and went with a "tuned" kernel and grub2.  It runs
oh-so-very-well ;)  I wanted to try Squeeze the other day so I imaged my
root partition with partimage off the sysrescuedisc version 1.2.2..

Restoring the partition yielded no errors. Everything restored, or
so it appeared, but when I went to reboot Grub2 had an error:

GRUB Loading.

Entering rescue mode...
error: the symbol `grub_loaded_is_loaded' not found
grub rescue>

And there I sit knowing no grub2 rescue mode commands...

Found a few things online but they weren't specific to this error.  

I booted a Lenny install disc into rescue mode and updated grub, no
error but it didn't solve the problem either.  

Can anyone help me out or point me in the right direction?  I'd really
appreciate it and I'll keep poking around online, too.



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