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Bug#550962: kbd-chooser: please let Bépo keyboard layout available when choosing kbd layout

reassign 550962 console-data
retitle 55092 Please offer Bépo keyboard layout during D-I installs

Quoting Frederic Boiteux (fboiteux@free.fr):
> Package: kbd-chooser
> Version: 1.48
> Severity: normal
> Quite a lot of people in France now uses the 'dvorak like' Bépo keyboard layout

Hmmm, really? We do not seem to live in the same country..:-)

> It would be helpful to be able to select the Bépo layout as early as possible,
> because it's very different from any other layout, and so it's very difficult
> to type when using the default french layout (azerty), and is error prone when
> typing the root password on a wrong layout !
> I faced this problem when testing the Squeeze' daily debian-installer, but I also uses debian-installer system (from Lenny) in rescue-mode, and i face the same problem in this case.
> The Bépo layout is already defined in console-data and available in Xorg (and so in console-setup), but I didn't found how to patch kbd-chooser to let propose it …

Because what you need to patch is console-data, not kbd-chooser.

Still, the current set of proposed keymaps in D-I is volunterily
restricted, in order to avoid cluttering the initrd (where space is

So, more or less, over time, one rule of thumb has been applied: one
language, one keymap (with exceptions when a multi-country language
implies different keymaps depending on the country....the best example
of this is French for which we have already four different keymaps).

I frankly do not see the Bépo keymap used widely enough to deserve
including it in the volunterily restricted set of keymaps offerred
during installs.

At least, this is a nearly definitive advice as long as we're using
console-data in D-I and haven't switched to a complete use of

That switch to c-s is underway but has been neglected in the last
months....including by c-s main maintainer.....up to the point where
I'm currently considering changing my own mind and push for us to go
back the safe way and use console-data by default on squeeze installs.

If the switch to c-s is revived, then it might be much much easier to
have a way to offer Bépo fr keymaps during the install (and probably
not only this one...:-))

> As a side note, the french translation of Bépo layout's description in console-setup is incorrect, and have been fixed in xkeyboard-config's 1.7 release, not yet packaged.

That implies a rebuild of console-setup...once the new
xkeyboard-config is uploaded to unstable. *that*, I can do as long as
I'm notified of this.

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