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Re: Minor spelling mistake

* Frederique W. Piccart <fred@autistici.org> [2009-10-04 15:41]:
> During the setup of gNewSense mipsel-l (which is based on the latest Debian
> stable MIPS, but has all non-free stuff removed), when nearly reaching the
> end of the setup, it mentions that I had to configure my boot loader to
> work with initrd. To get down to the point, it calls it "boot loader"
> everywhere but at one point in the same context it calls it "bootloader",
> with no space in between, me being really correct on such matters, there
> should be a space in there. ;)

Hmm, I wonder if you mean this one:
./control:Description: Don't install any bootloader

Was that the string that was displayed?
Martin Michlmayr

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