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Bug#498143: Please detect non-ISO block devices masquerading as Debian CDs

tags 498143 pending

On Tuesday 25 August 2009, Chris Lamb wrote:
> To frame my thoughts here, this is to support d-i when invoked from
> Debian Live USB sticks - as Debian Live knows the target media when
> building the USB image, "try-usb=true" is appended to all generated
> "usb with d-i" images.

Hmmm. If that is really the only use case then maybe that should just be 
documented in the changelog and in comments in appropriate places.
If it is not actually useful for regular users, then it should of course 
_not_ be documented in the installation guide.

I was missing that context. Thanks for adding that.

So I've dropped the documentation patch and committed the others, with a 
few cosmetic changes.


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