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Re: Bugs in the latest Debian Sid installer

(please avoid quoting the entire discussion)

Quoting Uwe Bugla (uwe.bugla@gmx.de):

> I have an unusable keyboard layout on the installed system, unfortunately.
> After performing "apt-get install console-data" the keyboard layout is usable, 
> but without performing that step the usage is a big pain!
> > In any case, "dpkg-reconfigure console-setup" on the installed system
> > should help.
> Sounds good, but is only helpful if you know that console-setup has been 
> installed or not. How can I find that out?

You later confirmed that console-setup was not installed on the
system. *that* is the entire problem.

You're certainly right, that is a bug. But the bug is not having
console-setup. That needs investigation which I can't do right now,
being on holidays with few time....and using a dialup-style connection.

The keymap problem should be solved by installing console-setup on the
installed system. That's better than installing console-data as
console-setup is the way we intend to go.

> Your point of view is fully OK for a standard install, no matter if console-
> based or graphical, adressing rookies and beginners.
> My point of view should fit for experienced users using the expert install, no 
> matter if graphical or console based.
> But simplification in any case, and thus disregarding the different installer 
> levels with their different sophistication is a point of view or guide line 
> that I cannot and will not share at all...

While I understand that concern, I think that adding the option to
configure all NICs would add an extra level of complexity to the
installer....which we can't afford right now. Not to mention of course
that nobody apparently felt the deep need to work on this...:-).

Patches to the netcfg package are of course very much welcomed but
will certainly be investigated thoroughly as we certainly don't want
to break the existing installer to add an option which has been
requested very very very seldomly in the last 5 years of D-I development.

> > Here again, this is much out of scope of the installer. It is left to
> > the post-install polishing of the installed machine, when the
> > machine's admin is supposed to be skilled enough to know how to do
> > this.
> I prefare to avoid the usage of editors. Thus it would make sense to add an 
> additional point in the installer menu asking the user whether he wants to 
> perform a Debian Sid installation or rather one based on the testing branch 
> for which the installer was written: squeeze in this case.

That exists and is asked in expert installs. There is no point in
showing this in the default install as the installer is meant to
install squeeze as it will be the installer used for distributed media
when the system is released.

> Installers are here to simplify necessary tasks, NOT to complicate them....
> It's quite humble to say "We don't want this and we don't want that" or "We 
> expect the user to be qualified enough to ......".
> I would not define myself as subqualified. But I would highly prefer an 
> installer which is a bit more elegant and less buggy and complicated than the 
> current one.

Your contribution in improving the installer will be very much
welcomed. Particularly when it comes at the elegant solution for an
installer that is both capable to install end users laptops, high-end
users machines with encrypted file systems, or cluster nodes of HPC

Please, again, note that you tested something that's under development
and also highly depends on the development of the entire distro. The
sid installer is sometimes broken...sometimes even heavily
broken. This is what the development branch of Debian is about..:)

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