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Re: Bug#399840: Do we want an ssh-server task?

Quoting Matthew Palmer (mpalmer@debian.org):

> Out of curiosity, how are people in this situation actually installing their
> systems? Are there really that many people out there that are keyboarding

When it comes at /me: "aptitude install openssh-server".

OTOH, I've already seen the addition of an SSH server being forgotten
when a server is manually installed in a hurry, so having this popping
up and make it easier to not forget seems to have some added value.

> As someone who has preseeded their installs to the point where a new,
> fully-configured machine is nothing more than a 10 minute appointment with
> the PXE server, I'm having trouble imagining that there's a large market for
> this microtask[1], but I've been wrong before.  I just think it's a question
> worth asking.

It's hard to say whether there is a large market or not. The only
thing we can say is that this bug's history is quite long (and, from
memory, the suggestion pops up from time to time) and, after
much much pondering (and live discussion at Debconf), I finally
decided to get along with it. An element of the decision was also that
Colin mentioned that the task was requested (and added) in Ubuntu
which adds something to the "there is some demand for it".

I was personnally balanced for adding some other stuff to the
task. Actually, the discussion with Colin made me discover the nice
utilities he mentioned. Still, because there was a quite strong
opposition to a more versatile task, the rough consensus was that we
could first try adding the task and then see whether there is a demand
for something more complete, or not.

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