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Re: [stable] Adding bnx2x driver in 5.0.3

dann frazier wrote:
> On Sat, Aug 08, 2009 at 03:18:53PM +0200, Luk Claes wrote:
>> Otavio Salvador wrote:

>>>>  - Update kernel-wedge/stable to include bnx2x if available (are there
>>>>   space issues here?)
>>> The space usage is neglitable and I think it can be done with a very
>>> small risk of regressions.
>>> Be sure to use the kernel-wedge of lenny for building it since we've
>>> changed kernel-wedge a lot during the 2.6.30 migration and it is not
>>> suitable for the lenny usage.
>> What's the status here?
> I can get this done tomorrow.


>>>>  - Update d-i in 5.0.3 to incorporate this driver
>>> Yes, you got the picture right.
>>> I offer help if required.
>> This can probably be done already when kernel-wedge is updated? Please
>> don't delay when unnecessary, TIA.
> Do we have an estimate for 5.0.3 yet? Reason I ask is that there is
> typically always some kernel changes queued - security or
> otherwise. I do understand wanting to have p-u in an always-releasable
> state, but it can be a lot of throwaway work given that a security
> update would force us to do a complete rebuild. If we have a target
> date in mind I could work up a schedule (w/ buffer room) to make sure
> that all the pieces are in place ahead of time.

In the past we have almost always redone d-i after a kernel upload,
though that should only be necessary when d-i related changes or an ABI
bump is included...



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