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Re: test of makefs in kfreebsd d-i

On 05/08/2009, Thorsten Glaser <tg@mirbsd.de> wrote:
> Luca Favatella dixit:
> Why didn’t you set minfree to 0 from the default of 5% as
> it doesn’t make any sense in initrd?


Can you please explain me better the difference between "-f" and
"minfree" (the man page is not clear). I read:

     -f free-files
           Ensure that a minimum of free-files free files (inodes) exist in
           the image.  An optional '%' suffix may be provided to indicate that
           free-files indicates a percentage of the calculated image size.

           minfree       Minimum % free.
                               free what? inodes (as -f)?

Luca Favatella

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