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Bug#539744: chroot to lenny /target in debootstrap segfaults

On Tuesday 04 August 2009, Frans Pop wrote:
> And yes, replacing the UUIDs in the fstab by regular devices gets rid
> of the segfault. Still weird that an empty mtab avoids it though.
> Colin, any thoughts (given that you implemented the switch to UUID)?

The problem is essentially that we have a "configured" fstab in an 
otherwise unconfigured chroot.

One, IMO fairly logical, solution to this could be to not let partman 
create /etc/fstab *in* /target, but instead create it somewhere in the 
the D-I environment and then let a base-installer.d script copy it over 
to /target.
This would also be more in line with how other components do things.

debootstrap handles a missing fstab correctly by creating a dummy file, 
which explains why there was no segfault when I ran base-installer after 
doing a 'rm -r /target/*'.

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