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Bug#539744: chroot to lenny /target in debootstrap segfaults

Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> writes:

> On Monday 03 August 2009, Ferenc Wagner wrote:
>> I can't see anything strange in it now, but it would be interesting to
>> know whether it depends on the contents of /target/etc/mtab (what if
>> you delete it before the mount?).  Having an strace of a second
>> (successful) run might also provide a clue.
> Interesting. /target/etc/mtab does not exist yet at that point.
> A 'touch /target/etc/mtab' before the chroot mount gets rid of the 
> segfault...
> And fun, fun, fun, after mount has segfaulted the file has magically been 
> created (empty), which explains why a second attempt does not segfault.
> So, what the @$#@ has changed that makes a Lenny install suddenly fail 
> when a Squeeze D-I is used instead of a Lenny D-I?

The two traces are very similar indeed.  What I could spot:

 * /target vs. /target/ on the command line.

 * The new chroot binary reads 4 bytes from urandom and does an extra
   mprotect before chrooting; the old one does not.  I don't know what
   it is, maybe an extra tripwire which (the new?) mount manages to
   trip, or some new type of randomization which mount isn't prepared
   for...  Just guessing.

 * The new fstab is 841 bytes, the old is 492.

 * The new mount does some prctl trickery, and in general starts to do
   very different things (reads /etc/blkid.tab, /proc/whatever) just
   before segfaulting.  Maybe it tries to use UUID-s or labels to
   achieve device persistence, and makes an invalid memory access
   analyzing the data.

See for yourself like this:
$ diff -u <(sed 's/[^a-z]*//i;s/0x[0-9a-f]*/ADDR/g;s/10914/PID/g;/^read(/s/".*"/STRING/' chroot.strace) <(sed 's/[^a-z]*//i;s/0x[0-9a-f]*/ADDR/g;s/13894/PID/g;/^read(/s/".*"/STRING/' chroot_lenny.strace) | less

All in all it looks like some of the above reveal a bug in mount.  The
segfault does not come from the kernel, but from application code, as
I see it.
Good luck,

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