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Bug#536600: Doesn't reconfigure CODESET, CHARMAP and FONT when the language is changed

Package: console-setup-udeb
Version: 1.44

Consider these three scenarios:

A1. The user selects language
A2. The user configures the keyboard
A3. The user changes the language but doesn't reconfigure the keyboard.

Outcome: CHARMAP and CODESET in console-setup do not correspond to the 
chosen language.  This bug will belong not only to console-setup but 
also to debian-installer when/if console-setup-udeb becomes part of d-i.

B1. The user selects language
B2. The user configures the keyboard
B3. The user changes the language
B4. The user reconfigures the keyboard with high Debconf priority

Here CHARMAP and CODESET will not be changed by version 1.44.

Suppose some future version of console-setup-udeb is fixed to update the 
CHARMAP and CODESET after the language is changed and consider the 
following scenario:

C0. The user starts the installation in expert mode.
C1. The user selects language
C2. The user configures the keyboard and selects manualy CODESET=Uni1
    (because the user requires support for many languages).
C3. The user changes the language
C4. The user changes Debconf priority.
C5. The user reconfigures the keyboard.  The user's choice for CODESET
    will be overwritten with CODESET=Lat15 (because this is the default 
    for the language of the user).

Anton Zinoviev

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