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Re: The question about which language we use in the first is good

On Wed, Jul 01, 2009 at 02:14:07PM +0200, Daniel Baumann wrote:
> Colin Watson wrote:
> > If people would like to use gfxboot in Debian, perhaps the Ubuntu theme
> > could be bodged into service for Debian (you really don't want to
> > attempt to write one from scratch, trust me; when we say "theme" for
> > gfxboot we really mean "complete implementation of menu structure by
> > hand" - I derived ours from SuSE's and even that was a fair amount of
> > effort).
> somewhen next week, i'll upload the gfxboot userland tools. i'll have a
> look into the theme stuff afterwards, we also would like to switch to
> using gfxboot for debian-live as soon as possible.

FWIW (bring your sickbag, it's an enormous pile of something that looks
a bit like Forth; I've deleted a fair bit of the crazier SuSE code that
I didn't think we needed but I'm sure there are some bits left in
there). Since it includes language and keyboard selection it needs to be
kept up to date with d-i, so I think it would be best to maintain it in
the d-i repository - I could do some light editing and shovel the
necessary bits around.

It needs some changes to debian-cd too, of course.

Colin Watson                                       [cjwatson@ubuntu.com]

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