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Re: Review of console-setup wrt D-I [very long]

Quoting Frans Pop (elendil@planet.nl):

> Well, that's it. Kind of weird to have to spend most of the day to write 
> down what was found in 15 minutes of testing...

Just a quick comment (mostly because I'll be away for the week-end and
don't want to leave the impression that this big mail is ignored).

Your mail actually shows that we need such reviews. And even though
the test took 15 minutes, the whole day spent in writing down your
conclusions is the invaluable contribution. And someone certainly had
to do it. I'm sorry that once again, it had to be you but I  think we
should feel lucky that you did so.

I wouldn't call that weird. That brings us to th reality of D-I
development these days (which I feel even more deeply after processing
the mailing list archives for 2004).

At first, that draws a first obvious conclusion: we're not ready for
switching to c-s udeb as is...and we might not be for squeeze if some
very big effort is not put into this. Which is a shame for me because
I was expecting in some way to be able to drop console-data..:-)

All your conclusions now need to be injected in the wiki page and
issues have to be adressed one by one....if we have people who want to
do it.

Thanks again, Frans. Your time wasn't spent in vain.

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