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Re: Spam cleaning for August 2004

On Wednesday 17 June 2009, Christian Perrier wrote:
> Back in August 2004, a huge "storm" happened with someone's
> autoresponder spamming the list with hundreds of messages, apparently
> looping.
> I found these in the list archive which one can download as a mailbox.
> I haven't checked whether they are in the web archives, but that
> should be easy to check: with them, August 2004 has about 3400 mails
> instead of the usual 2000-2500 we were having at that time.

If they are, maybe it would be best to contact the listmasters (Cord) 
directly about them. See if then can be removed without needing five 
people to nominate and three people to review them.
Possibly they can filter them directly using either a filter rule or a 
list of message IDs.

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