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Re: Illustrated Guide to Installing Debian GNU/Linux

(No need to CC me, I read the list. I CCed you because you were CCed in 
earlier posts and I'm not sure if you are subscribed.)

On Sunday 31 May 2009, Eric Doviak wrote:
> In summary, the "Illustrated Guide" serves a different audience than
> the official manual does. On that basis, I hope you will consider it
> for inclusion as a separate manual.

I very much doubt that will happen, for the following reasons.
1) I would hate to see translator effort taken away from the official 
installation guide.
2) Your guide, although useful for new users, is rather limited in scope:
   - it only really covers the i386 and amd64 architectures
   - it only covers "simple" installations
3) Because of the screenshots, your manual will be fairly big in size and 
because of that not suitable for inclusion on for example CD images.

Your guide is also essentially (except for the screenshots and some of the 
post-installation stuff you have) already covered by the appendix
"Installation Howto" in the Installation Guide.

So I'd personally like to keep your guide as an unofficial document, just 
as there've been loads of similar documents and web pages in the past. If 
anybody wants to use and translate it, that is of course excellent. But I 
personally don't see us (the D-I developers) adopting it as an official 
document, especially as I don't think we really want to take on the 
implicit responsibility of keeping it up to date.

As the wiki is a community effort, it is IMO a perfect location for the 
document. Publishing it on the Debian website [1] or including it in the 
archive would give it the status I'm not sure it deserves.


[1] Publishing it on a non-Debian website is no problem of course.

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