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Re: preseed the dm-crypt passphrase failed

On Monday 25 May 2009, Gabriel wrote:
> I did not find any information about a solution for problem.

Please file a bug report against partman-crypto for this issue, so we can 
better track the discussion.

Provide at least the following information:
- the exact image you are using (full URL of the image you downloaded)
- does it work correctly if you do _not_ preseed partman?
- the contents of your preseed file for partman (with a fictional
- a debug log for partman-crypto:
  - run the installation with 'priority=medium' and *only* the partman
    questions preseeded (again with fictional passphrase)
  - just before you start partman, add a line 'set -x' in the script
    blockdev-keygen script AND in the file /lib/partman/lib/crypto-base.sh
  - save /var/log/syslog after the point where you see the error and send
     it to us
- the hardware-summary for that installation (in /var/log after you
  run the "Save debug logs" option from the main menu)

Please gzip the syslog before sending it, otherwise your mail may not 
reach the mailing list.


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