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preseed the dm-crypt passphrase failed

i tried to install about 20 laptops full preseeded with crypted
root and swap (and a normal /boot). The installation work but
without accepting my preseeded partman-crypto/passphrase (and
I use 'd-i preseeded partman-crypto/passphrase password <CLEAR
TEST PASSWORD>' and the same with 'partman-crypto/passphrase-again'.
I see the Values in the 'passwords.dat' when the system is
processing the preseed file but it seems that the 'blockdev-keygen'
script didn't get it.
Is it not possible to preseed this value?
Or how is it possible debug partman-crypto precessing?

I did not find any information about a solution for problem.
I search the last two weeks for an answer in the internet :-(

Many thanks for any help


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