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Re: code swarm video

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Well, just for the record. :-)

On 12-05-2009 17:16, Otavio Salvador wrote:
> On Tue, May 12, 2009 at 4:06 PM, Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> wrote:
>> Here's my list of possible captions, do let me know if I missed anything:
> There're the releases of Debian-BR-CDD; our first release was at FISL
> 5 (IIRC) and it was using d-i already.

	In FISL5 (2004) same year of DebConf4 (which happened in Brazil)
we started the idea based on previous experiences from Otavio and other
Brazilian DDs, at FISL 6 (2005) we used 1.0-pre4 and finally in FISL 7
(2006) we released 1.0 final.

> Felipe, Tiago, any of you has the dates of the releases?

	Based on the announcement messages on the debian-br-cdd list:

20040508 1.0-initial
20040815 1.0-pre1
20040819 1.0-pre2
20040831 1.0-pre3
20041030 1.0-pre4-rc1
20041101 1.0-pre4
20050516 1.0-pre5-rc1
20050518 1.0-pre5-rc2
20050526 1.0-pre5
20050809 1.0-pre6-exp1
20050812 1.0-pre6-exp2
20050920 1.0-pre6-exp3
20060105 1.0-pre6-exp4
20060123 1.0-pre6-exp5
20060208 1.0-pre6
20060416 1.0-pre7 (beta)
20060417 1.0

	Debian-BR-CDD never became a fully compliant CDD and since
early 2008 it became BrDesktop, which recently release a final
version based on Lenny and it is considered a Pure Blend.

Kind regards,
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