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Re: busybox features required for Kickstart support

Quoting Frans Pop (elendil@planet.nl):

> What exactly was the size impact on busybox of adding tar create support?
> (I tend to agree with Colin that adding that was bizarre.)

... and I don't remember this was mentioned for D-I purposes. In
short, we never requested that change, at least in last months.

It happens that Bastian activated tar support along with other changes
we asked for (udhcpc, namely). Thus, it was then logically requested
that live-installer drops the use of native tar...that's all.

It seems at first glance that if we have to balance between tar in
busybox and features requested by Colin....the latter seem to be more

On the other hand, maybe internal tar support is something interesting
for other purposes. After all, D-I is not alone to use busybox, aren't

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