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Bug#524239: Bug#524233: console-setup should conflict with console-data

Quoting Kurt Roeckx (kurt@roeckx.be):

> I got a little confused about console-data being the package
> that ask the debconf questions, but it seems that console-common
> is actually the package that set up keyboard.  So you can argue
> where the second bug belongs to.

No, the questions really belong to c-d.

> I have no idea if console-setup does anything more than
> console-common / console-data.
> Anyway, my problem with the current situation is that there are 2
> config files where I can set the same thing, and it's not obvious
> which of the 2 is going to win.

I understand and we certainly need to address this. I think that
conflicting would be the easiest thing to do but I don't have an good
figure of the exact consequences.

Please note that I maintain c-d on a best^W worst effort basis,
essentially beause it being closely related to D-I needs that someone
takes care of doing the needed changes when something changes on D-I
side (mostly added languages and the like).

The real maintainer is Alastair McKinstry but he has very few time
since quite a while, for the maintenance of his packages. However, I
think that we really would need more than my own (non-)"expertise" in
order to handle that overall transition for console-related stuff.

> In general, it would be better that there was only 1 source of
> keyboard layouts.  And I have no problem going with those of X,
> but I have no idea if the quality of both are the same or not.

The quality of c-s is much better and has the advantage of (finally)
bringing the same keymap system for X and the console.

However, old-style keymaps are very widespread....even if they are now
less and less used: either people use desktop-based environments and
they don't really care about very highly exact keymapping at the
console.....or they install console-only systems, in general for
servers....and they either use US keyboards....or d'ont really care
about a very exact (or complete) keymap.

The last remaining niche is the case of people who exclusively work
outside X with extensive use of the keyboard and who need to handle
non US keyboards. That's a very small niche, indeed.

So, I think that switching to c-s and do these things as smple as
possible is the way to go.

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