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Strange problems remastering CD


I'm Oriol Matavacas, a Computer Systems Degree Student. First, Sorry for my English, I'm from Barcelona.

I'm war remastering Debian CD1 4.0r7 (Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 r7 "Etch" - Official i386 CD Binary-1 20090209-23:28) using "apt-ftparchive", "gpg -bao" and "mkiso". I have modified ans rebuilded 2 udeb packages (partman-base and part-man target) using "dpkg-rebuildpackage" and it's OK. The other packages and file are from the CD.

I was triyng a installation preseeding a hd-media  (20080720-i386-etch-current) + modified iso image. It's strange some packages ares correctly installed, I get "Kernels not found" error.

I follow this guide to remaster the cd

I downloaded "overrided files" (override.etch.contrib.gz, override.etch.extra.contrib.gz, override.etch.extra.main.gz, override.etch.main.gz) from here:

I rebuild (I think) correctly archive-keyring package and signed with my gpg key ("2F89F2A1  LUI sign_key <LUI@project>" in logs). I signed "dist/etch/Release" file too.
I ckecked md5sum from the original etch installation CD and it's OK.
The paths in configuration files I think are correct (fpt-archive don't alert me any error).

I include my the preseed.cfg file, recipe file, syslog output (syslog_def), the two "apt-ftparchive" configuration files ("config-udeb" and "config-deb"), release file ("Release_substituit" are configuration file and "from _dist/etch/Release")  and my "image-generator.sh" script.

Please anybody have any idea? Where I can find more examples or guides for remastering?
Where I can find more information?

Thank you very much in advance. I know it's not easy find this help.

If you have any question, please don't hesitate to ask.

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