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Re: wpasupplicant for all wireless ops?

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Jérémy Bobbio wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 28, 2009 at 03:34:59PM +0900, Glenn Saberton wrote:
>> Here's the patchset again against current netcfg. I haven't actually added
>> anything to the patchset since the last time I submitted it for consideration.
>> I intend on also using wpasupplicant for setting the wep key which in my eyes
>> simplifies things by removing the current wep function. We can also use it for
>> setting the essid for an open ap which would hopefully work around the issue 
>> outlined below.
> Actually, the more I think of it, the more I think it would be the
> best way to go.  And I think such change should be made quite early in
> the release cycle…
> Some personal rationale for pushing wpasupplicant for all use cases:
>  * WPA wireless networks are more and more common these days. Recent
>    applicances shipped by network providers now provide WPA by default
>    in France. So if we want to allow WPA wireless networks to be used
>    for netinsts, we have to include wpasupplicant in the initrd in any
>    cases.
>  * NetworkManager is used on most distros (and Debian as well) for
>    desktop installations. NetworkManager always use wpasupplicant for
>    interaction with wireless networks so now both wpasupplicant and the
>    drivers have been quite tested.
> Getting rid of our custom code dealing with the wireless sounds to favor
> more commonly used software sounds like a desirable goal to me.
> What do other thinks?
> Glenn, I have a vague memory of you sending a patch that did that.
> I probably should apoligies on changing my mind about this now, but does
> this patch still apply?
I hadn't made a patch for using wpasupplicant for wep yet. I did try and
work around some of the issues that were mentioned in Frans original
mail. I wasn't very successful, which was why I much prefer to us the
supplicant for handling the subtleties in drivers.
> I am still willing to review Glenn's work, but I would rather only
> review the wpasupplicant way if others agree.
> Cheers,


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