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Bug#524116: debian-installer (etch's businesscard.iso) installs lenny

Package: debian-installer
Version: 20070308etch5 (built 20090411-09:26)
Severity: normal

I downloaded "debian-40r8-i386-businesscard.iso", but installation end
up with Lenny instead of Etch.

The problem is, that installer in expert mode gives me options stable/testing/unstable
and even if i try to create /target/etc/apt/sources.list with etch references
i will end up with lenny.

I just wanted to play with Zimbra, which is supported only on Etch. So
thats the reason for oldstable. If this is not my fault i guess it's
not worth for fixing so wouldn't be better to remove all oldstable's
businesscard isos, so people wouldn't get confused and rather download


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